The Women’s Esports League brings a new level of professionalism to the female gaming scene,
offering a hate free and new diverse league for female gamers.


The number of divisions increases dynamically as more teams join every new season. Everyone, no matter skill level, will find their place in the league.



Here’s the big picture for the first season in the league.
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We’ve got answers.


League of Legends




Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

What kind of competition is this?

The League is a Pan-European initiative meant to provide female players and teams a way to compete in a fun, fair and well-organized league.

The League is a part of the national league framework NEL (National Esports Leagues), created by Challengermode, which is modeled after traditional sports leagues but customized to fit within an esports context and built to be digital-first. Within this framework, Challengermode is running national leagues all over Europe.

Learn more about the NEL project here: https://www.challengermode.com/nel.

What makes this league different from other national competitions?

This League tie into a larger regional/international professional ecosystem, with a clear ambition to provide a hate free and non toxic esports arena for female gamers of all skill levels and ages. The League want to help bridge the existing gap in numbers and economic inequality for female gamers within regular competitive gaming and professional gaming (a.k.a esports).

The unique league system that Challengermode has built also makes it possible for any number of teams at any skill level to play in the same league. No teams are relegated or eliminated from the league either. As the league grows, more groups or divisions are added to accommodate more teams – there’s always a chance to progress and climb the divisions!

How does one sign up?

1. Go to Challengermode.com and login or register an account. Connect your game account to the relevant game you wish to play.

2. Create a team. You can invite and add the other players after registration.

3. Click ”Join” to enter the league and choose to do so with your team.

4. Keep track of the information and be ready according to schedule. Go Play!

Do I need to be a pro to participate?

No, the League is open to players of all skill levels. Your team will be placed in a division with teams of similar skill level.

Does it cost anything to join?

No, all leagues hosted by Challengermode are free to enter.

Are matches streamed or broadcast?

Several matches from the top divisions will be broadcast on Female Legends’s Twitch Channel, you can find it at www.twitch.tv/femalelegends. Community shoutcasters are welcome to apply (esports@challengermode.com) to stream matches from other divisions, too.

It is okay for players to stream their own games, if it is not covered by Female Legends. If you want to stream your games, contact Challengermode through their website to get stream-rights.

What are the team restrictions?

To compete in WEL all players must be female or non-binary.

We are having technical difficulties in our match, what do we do?

For all technical difficulties regarding the server or the Challengermode website, you need to contact Challengermode Support through their website. You do that by clicking the questionmark (?) in the lower right-hand corner on the website.

Do we have to use push to talk in Discord?

No, you have push to talk until you’ve been verified. After that push to talk will be removed.

Why is there a tournament discord?

During your game each week, you and your opponents MUST be in your respective voice channel in the tournament discord. You find the tournament discords here:
WEL CS:GO: https://discord.gg/wPYWszd
WEL LoL: https://discord.gg/khpeHp8

The admins will randomly visit the channels during the games, so if you feel that you will be disturbed by this – please turn of the sound notifications when people join voice channels. This is to make sure that the people who got verified is the persons who play the league.

If the admins suspect that your team uses another player who has not been verified they have the right to give your opponents the win.

Can we use teamspeak to communicate instead of discord?

Yes, but the whole team also needs to sit in discord and have their mics unmuted, so if an admin comes to do a check on the communication she can hear you. If your team wants to use teamspeak for communication during the matches just mute the sound in discord and not the mic.

I have issues with using Discord when playing, I get FPS-drops. How can I fix this?

If you’re experiencing FPS-drops with Discord, please make sure that you have ’Hardware Acceleration’ off in the Appearence menu! Go to User Settings -> Appearance -> Hardware Acceleration and turn that off.

How can we reschedule a match?

You can reschedule a match until before your original match date. Contact the other team and agree on a new date/time for your match. Make sure to save a print of the other team confirming the new date/time. Report new date/time to Challengermode using this form: https://goo.gl/iyxfFe

Challengermode will update the match site on Challengermode during the coming days after you have filled out the form.

You can reschedule the game for which date you’d like, but not later than the 8th of April for CS:GO and 10th of April League of Legends. This is when the group-stage is finished. If you can’t agree on another date, the game will be played at the leagues official match date.

How can we change our lineup or add a substitute?

To make changes to your current lineup in the league, or add a sustitute, you need to contact Challengermode Support. They can help you add the person to the lineup on Challengermode website. You are allowed to have up to two (2) substitutes during every season of the league.

A new player to the lineup will also need to be verified by Female Legends admins in the tournament Discord so that she has access to your teams channel. It is the teams responsibility to contact a tournament admin for verification of your substitute with a good margin before your game. This means 30 minutes or more.

If a player who hasn’t been verified plays, the team may be disqualified. 
Please know that you need to be verified before the check-in time begins.

Why do we need to be verified and how does it work?

Every player participating in WEL needs to be verified by Female Legends.  This requires the players to be connected to the Female Legends Discord-channel for the league that you play. You find the tournament discord for WEL CS:GO here: https://discord.gg/wPYWszd

Before the league starts, Female Legends will have to verify your teammates and your coach. The process does not take more than 5 minutes.

The admin will ask for your real name and your nickname. You will be given a role in the Discord connected to your team, and given the rights to access your own text and voice channel. The other teams will be able to see you in your voice channel, but they will not be able to connect or to read your text channel. Your coach will be assigned to your channels and also separated from the players by receiving a coach-role as well. Please know that all the verifiers and admins will be able to read your text channel.
Even though it is only you and your team that can read the text-channel, we remind you to keep a good tone in them.

Do we need to verify our coach?

No, the coach does not need to be verified in the same way as the players, but we need to know if someone is coach for your team so we can give him/her the right role in the tourament discord, otherwise he/she can not join your team channel.

What format is the league?

The format for the league is Bo3, you play against every team once during the league. You play one match per week.

What is the Code of Conduct?

We’re working for a safe, more included esport.

When participating in Women’s Esports League, you agree to follow and play by the Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct contains simple rules for you as a player and your team, to make it more welcoming, friendly and fair for players and coaches.
This includes, but is not limited to, any social media posts and streams about the league. If there is information that any player in a team contravenes the Code of Conduct the admins reserve the rights to disqualify or disallow a team-member to further participate.

Information about the Code of Conduct can be read here: http://esportcodeofconduct.com/

What do we do if we suspect a team is cheating?

If a team suspects that their opponents are cheating or breaking the Code of Conduct, they can report a complaint to Female Legends and Challengermode.
Challengermode deals with every game related cheats. The fastest way to get in contact with them is to write in their support chat on their website. They will also have a representative in the tournament discord.

Please report the issues to Female Legends by using this form: https://goo.gl/forms/ITH3l2iVdA6P3jtL2

We strongly advise you to take screenshots and save the chat logs. If it is related to the identity of the person playing, the board of Female Legends will make a decision out of the proof that has been gathered. Other tournament related stuff is reported and managed by Challengermode.

If we have suspicions about account sharing or that a player is playing under a false identitfy, Female Legends could ask you about more personal information to confirm your identity. This could be, but is not secluded to, a photograph or a video. The admins can ask for this at a random time of the match. In a Bo3, it could be asked for in between the games.

Can board members and Female Legends-related persons participate in Women's Esports League?

Yes, they can. Please know that they will not be a part of any decisions regarding the format, rules or judgning before, during or after the league. These issues will be discussed at separate meetings where the participated board members are not invited to.

What are the rules for the league?

You can find the rules for the league here: https://goo.gl/qoBBSN

Are coaches allowed?

Yes, in picks and bans, half-time and in timeouts. At this moment the match is only available through GOTV for coaches!

Can our coach be in Discord during the game?

Yes, but the coach need to be muted during the game. This is by using the Discord mute-function, so that we can see that the coach can’t communicate with the rest of the team (so that it appears a muted microphone next to the portrait).

Can our standby-sub be in Discord during the game?

Yes, she can. But she needs to be muted during the game (just as the coach). This is by using the Discord mute-function, so that we can see that the coach can’t communicate with the rest of the team (so that it appears a muted microphone next to the portrait).

What anti-cheat program does Challengermode use?

Challengermode uses EAC. Instructions about the anti-cheat program that Challengermode uses: https://help.challengermode.com/counter-strike-global-offensive/anti-cheat/how-to-use-the-anti-cheat-system-eac

How do we get GOTV?

You need to contact Challengermode. Use their on site support by pressing the question-mark and then ”chat with us”. We can’t give you any GOTV-codes.

What are the rules for the league?

You can find the rules for the league here: https://goo.gl/dZFtf9

Are coaches allowed?

Coaches are allowed during the picks and bans-phase. After that, they need to mute their micrphone for the entire game or leave the channel.

Can our coach be in Discord during the game?

Yes, but the coach need to be muted during the game. This is by using the Discord mute-function, so that we can see that the coach can’t communicate with the rest of the team (so that it appears a muted microphone next to the portrait).

Can our standby-sub be in Discord during the game?

Yes, she can. But she needs to be muted during the game (just as the coach). This is by using the Discord mute-function, so that we can see that the coach can’t communicate with the rest of the team (so that it appears a muted microphone next to the portrait).

How do we use placeholders?

Prior to the game starting, in the Challengermode Tournament Game Lobby you must advertise to other team that you intend to use a placeholder in the chat. Tell the opposing team which champion you intend to chose first, that is actually a proxy/placeholder for another champion (the one you really want to play). The opposing team (captain) must also acknowledge this in the chat or the placholder is not valid. It is also customary to add the opposing team captain as a friend. Once champion select has been completed, drop out to the game lobby, re-queue and this time selecting the champions in the correct order. Understand however, failure to comply with the above guidelines MAY result in you being required to play the champion initially selected.